Company Profile

Sky D.B.I. Green Company is young company, established in Varna in 2008. The principal idea was to create a place which can offer you interior furnishing, made from fast – renewable eco materials. Besides furniture, there will be an great variety of wallpapers, made from natural materials, carpets, made from natural materials, bamboo flooring, bamboo surfaces, bamboo veneer, bamboo rods and other objects for the interior. Some of the rattan and bamboo furniture and accessories which we offer are available in stock in Varna. Delivery in the country can be made within 24 hours.

All natural materials, used for the furniture manufacturing are produced and processed at optimal work standards in Indonesia.

Sky D.B.I. Green Company offers:

– Interior and exterior solutions for furnishing your house, office, villa, hotel in rattan, bamboo,water hyacinth, sea grass, banana leaf, etc.
– Lighting fixtures from bamboo, rattan, etc.
– Accessories from ceramics,bamboo, rattan, abaca and other materials
– Option to order at individual client’s design
– Discounts for hotels,restaurants and bars, shops, etc.
– Discounts for loyal customers

Wholesalers and large orders:

Sequence and steps for ordering furniture and accessories:
ordering process
– payment process – 50% on order,50% on delivery
– manufacturing process – 30-50 days after accepting the order
– delivery process – 40-50 days after completion of the manufacture

Once the individual order submitted, each piece of furniture or accessory shall be hand made manufactured. The order shall be considered accepted in the day of payment of the first 50%on the article’s price. The manufacture period is not a constant; the process depends on the quantity of furniture elements, the materials in stock, and the complicity of the order.The standard manufacture period is 35-45 days. Delivery period is normally 35-45 days. Deliveries are made by sea; therefore delays owing to circumstances beyond our control may be expected.

Sky D.B.I Green Company and its Greenhouse project offers you to make the areа around you a bit greener.